Liberals & Libertarians are really not as different as you think. First, they share the root word Liberty.

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What if instead of a citizenry divided amongst political party lines, race, socio-economic status; we had a united front of concerned citizens standing together to face the challenges that meet our ever changing world? What if instead of blaming The Koch Brothers or President Obama; we had a united citizenry standing up in unison to […]


Obama answers his own question. “Do the people need a gun to protect themselves from the Government?”

In this speech President Obama says, “Some people say that I need a gun to protect myslef from The Government.” Mr. Obama (and I voted for you twice) you have through your and the state of MO’s actions shown that yes we do need a gun to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. Listen […]

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Simple 5 Point Plan to fix America (and the West).

In it’s simplest form: There are essentially 5 industries that take 90% (roughly) of a family’s income and therefore enabling the wage slave system. The Basic Fix: 1. Nationalize – Medicine, Education, Banking, Energy and Food. Make those industries strictly non-profit with all surplusses reinvested in the next fiscal year. Run all those industries at […]


Because I Care. That’s why I am so involved in the political process now.

I have been asked why I have become so vocal and outspoken on political and community activism in the last two years. I simply want to just say that, “Because I care”. I have a 7 year old Autistic nephew, a 16 year old nephew, and a 4 year old niece who are trusting me […]


The Bundy Ranch Supporters want the Federal Government to honor The Constitution; not a violent Revolution.

Just to be absolutely sure that our mission is stated correctly and not co-opted by Major Media Propagandists we want to clarify our position as supporters of “The Bundy Ranch vs. Bureau of Land Management”. The supporters of The Bundy Ranch do not want a violent revolution. The supporters want The US Federal government to […]

Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9′s.

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Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9's. – YouTube.

Obama’s youth base is waking up now too! Keystone XL protest in Washington

Protesters arrested for standing up in DC today Mar. 3rd 2013. The good news? The youth base has realized Obama is just another politician with empty promises. Keystone XL protest in Washington.

Government sends out text informing people they’re on the list.

If you go to your SMS settings in your phone then you will notice that you cannot turn off messages labeled ‘Presidential’. The Ukraine Government used that same feature to tell protesters that they are now considered to be part of the protests which happens to accompany the new anti-protest law that they just declared. […]

What’s Really Happening In The Ukraine…


Here is a slide show put together to help outsiders truly understand the severity of The Ukraine Government and a look at the courage of the people who are fighting for thier future (literally)! What is really happening in Ukraine from Nazar Bartosik

U.S. Army’s elite Special Forces train with local cops in a secretive joint exercise | Ben Swann Truth In Media


U.S. Army’s elite Special Forces train with local cops in a secretive joint exercise | Ben Swann Truth In Media.

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